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Category Archives: Declutter for a Cause

day22 wool.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 22: Wool

Never been a knitter? Then take a day off decluttering and tackle something else that’s been on your To Do list,... Continue Reading

day21 comp.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 21: Computers

We often store old technology because we don’t want to just throw it away. And rightly so. Many resources have gone... Continue Reading


Declutter for a Cause – Day 20: Mobile Phones

Do you have any old mobile phones? Are they all in one place or rolling around in random drawers without their... Continue Reading

day19 pet.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 19: Pet Food/Toys

Here is a quick one for pet owners. Round up all the odd leads, bags of dry or canned food your... Continue Reading

day18 children.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 18: Children’s Items

Babies and children seem to have their own gravity that attracts stuff to them at a rate unmatched by even the... Continue Reading

day 17 baby.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 17: Baby items

This post is for parents and grandparents whose kids and grandkids have outgrown cots, prams, high chairs, pushchairs or kids car... Continue Reading

day16 books.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 16: Books

Look around your home. Is your love of books exhibited all around you? On every shelf? In piles in the hallway?... Continue Reading

day15 dvd.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 15: CDs and DVDs

These days with a lot of movies being streamed and songs being downloaded on demand, there’s way less clutter in the... Continue Reading

day 14 desk.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 14: Desk

Desk clutter, at home or in the office, can be a source of stress and result in a loss of productivity.... Continue Reading

day13 sleeping bags.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 13: Sleeping Bags

Been camping lately? Are you storing sleeping bags that you never use? Maybe you upgraded to the latest and greatest sleeping... Continue Reading