Babies and children seem to have their own gravity that attracts stuff to them at a rate unmatched by even the most dedicated hoarder.

These items are often very age specific, causing them to become obsolete in the blink of an eye. If you don’t keep on top of it all it is easy to find that every available space is cluttered with their belongings and even causing tripping hazards.

It is well worth having a system to handle this issue long term. Consider making a box of “things to go” and giving it a permanent place in the laundry or garage. It’s important those items are actually given to new homes and don’t just sit there or in your car.

Broken toys, ripped clothes, ruined books? Out they go. Too small, grew out of it, doesn’t like it – give it away. It really doesn’t matter how much YOU love it, if they aren’t using it and you aren’t planning on having more kids, then move it on.

Limit the amount of toys by volume, for example. Encourage kids to help find things to give away – especially before the likes of birthdays and Christmas, when in many homes, there will often be an influx of “more stuff”. This provides a generous and community minded behaviour for them to model.

Items in a good and safe condition can be passed on through mothers groups and charities that help families.  Op shops are great places to donate to and to buy from. Think of all of the toys and clothes that get ‘one more round’ before they end up as landfill – and reduce your ecological footprint.

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