These days with a lot of movies being streamed and songs being downloaded on demand, there’s way less clutter in the entertainment zones.

Electronic files take up no physical space and for many people, there is no pile of clutter to even eliminate (so hit another pile of clutter if that’s you!).

For everybody else, in a world full of movies, are these ones you really would like to watch again? Did you only buy the CD for that one song?

If you still love them and want to keep them, start by putting your CDs and DVDs in their correct covers. Then file them away – that may be by genre, by artist or by alphabetically.

And the remainder? These days they sometimes sell online or at garage sales. Too hard? Donate them.

Check with your local hospital – patients in ICU and wards might be able to benefit from them. There are also retirement homes where movie nights and a bit of music will brighten up many lives.  These are also the sort of items many op shops will take.

What’s that, still got vinyl records and cassettes? Vinyl is making a comeback, so if you don’t have a stereo to spin your own tracks, do a quick internet search to see who is looking for them – think DJs looking for a retro sound.

Vinyl purists look away now – there is a whole world of craft where old discs are being turned into bowls, bags and decorative cut outs.

Take a look around. That clear space is a sight for sore eyes.

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