Plenty of us have projects and hobbies that we’ve taken an interest in, bought all the ‘stuff’ for and never started.

If you’re never going to assemble, cut and paste, weld, construct or paint that *insert project here*, then maybe it’s time you handed it over to someone who will.

First there are all those supplies that need sorting, rearranging, and storage. Start with the easy stuff – toss any dried up or broken items.

Assess what is left. If you are giving up a particular craft, then box your items like with like, ready to donate.

When it comes to the likes of Christmas, there are huge numbers of children who simply go without. Craft group, schools and kindergarten love to receive art and craft supplies. Imagine what it would be like for them to receive an unopened activity pack. There are also Men’s Sheds, hobby groups and long term unemployed people who would be happy to receive some new projects.

Before you buy any new storage boxes for the rest of your bits and bobs, have a look on the internet for clever craft organisation ideas.

Toilet paper rolls cut in half and turned upright… see, one drawer now becomes dozens of separate compartments. A clear hanging shoe storage can be an organiser for all sorts of crafting. The main thing is to still be able to see what you have without the clutter.

If you don’t have craft supplies then your challenge today is to declutter a bedside or coffee table.

Oh the serenity.

#Declutter #DeclutterforaCause #makeadifference

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