Never been a knitter? Then take a day off decluttering and tackle something else that’s been on your To Do list, because this post is aimed solely at the people who have a surplus of wool that’s been sitting round for a really long time.

Today is a great opportunity to assess your wool stash. There are a couple of options. You might just feel re-energised to whip out your needles and start knitting up a storm to create warm things to donate.

At the m.a.d.woman foundation, we’re so grateful to receive packs of the likes of new, hand-knitted beanies, scarves and booties to pass on to kids and adults in need.

There are also charities that collect knitted squares and create blankets – Knit One, Give One programs.

If you think it’s unlikely you will be knitting in the future, you can always donate the excess balls of wool you’ve been hanging on to. Teach someone else to knit or you can give them to a variety of places. Many charities, op shops, craft clubs, schools and kindergartens would be grateful for the donation – and we’d also be really happy to take them.

And that can free up a lot of space just like that.

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