Look around your home. Is your love of books exhibited all around you? On every shelf? In piles in the hallway? Maybe it’s time to share the literary love.

We can find ourselves with an emotional attachment to books that can make them precious to us – you may have to acknowledge what the book means to you before you can let it go.

If it’s a book you’ve absolutely loved, and are sure you will read again, then it can be considered a keeper. Store your collection of much-loved books in one place.

For all the others, ask yourself a few hard questions. Why am I keeping books I will never read again? Will I ever read that book that has been sitting at the bottom of a pile for six years? What if I get rid of a book I really want to read?

Well what if someone else could enjoy it now. If you really miss it, borrow a copy from your local library. If you really want to be a minimalist you could look into ebooks… those little beauties take up no physical space and attract zero dust.

So where to send books? Depending on the book and your location you could send them to hospital wards, libraries, schools, secondhand book shops or op shops. There are many charities collecting books for international programs and there are also initiatives in many cities where you take a book and leave a book, or look into the Book Crossing idea.

Post a pic of your efforts to our Facebook page – we can’t wait to read all about it!

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