Desk clutter, at home or in the office, can be a source of stress and result in a loss of productivity.

Depending on your level of clutter, you may have the headspace for a deep clean or just sort one of pile of papers at a time.

Some people excel at this and have a truly zen desk. For others (okay, so this ‘might’ be a bit of an issue at our place), it’s a tough and ongoing battle of the paperwork.

People say that when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place you won’t be wasting time shuffling through papers or losing information. Personally, we can’t wait for that day and are working hard to get there.

Here’s one way to do this. Start with your desktop – take everything and put it in a couple of boxes. Now just add things back as you need them. What’s left in the boxes after a week? It’s highly possibly you they are things you no longer need.

Thankfully, some items are easier to manage than others. Cutlery drawer inserts make great desk drawer organisers. Assess the likelihood of needing all 400 pens you have collected.

Charities dealing with children from less fortunate communities both in and out of Australia are often interested in stationery, pencils and pens.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the paperwork, get filing, or hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the shredder we go.

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