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Monthly Archives: July 2015

day31 time.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 31: Time

How can we declutter time for a good cause? We aren’t actually tripping over badly organised time, but we can spend... Continue Reading

day30 car.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 30: Car

Very few people are going to have a car just sitting around doing nothing, but this is worth thinking about if... Continue Reading

day29 gv.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 29: Gift Vouchers

Sometimes decluttering isn’t about physical space. Sometimes it is about getting rid of things that are taking up mental space. Do... Continue Reading

day28 furnture.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 28: Furniture

“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something... Continue Reading


Declutter for a Cause – Day 27: Sporting Goods

We’ve already tackled bikes, so now it’s time to work out the rest of your workout gear. Is it lurking in... Continue Reading

day26 tools.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 26: Tools

Over the years you may have accumulated tools for specific and often never to be repeated jobs Perhaps you discovered the... Continue Reading

day25 bikes.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 25: Bikes

Do you own a bicycle? More than one? Actually ride it? Or do you have one that has been sitting in... Continue Reading

day24 fabric.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 24: Fabric

Got a fabric stash? That material may have been cute, trendy, looked like it was easy to sew, is the leftovers... Continue Reading

day23 projects.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 23: Unfinished projects

Plenty of us have projects and hobbies that we’ve taken an interest in, bought all the ‘stuff’ for and never started.... Continue Reading

day22 wool.fw

Declutter for a Cause – Day 22: Wool

Never been a knitter? Then take a day off decluttering and tackle something else that’s been on your To Do list,... Continue Reading