Sometimes decluttering isn’t about physical space. Sometimes it is about getting rid of things that are taking up mental space.

Do you have any gift vouchers that aren’t really your thing and although you thought you might re-gift them, you just haven’t got around to it? Now they are going to expire and probably go to waste. What if you gifted them to a charity or organisation so they could put them to good use?

Often the recipient is someone who has had a hard time and could do with a little luxury or a useful gift like clothing or tools.

There are plenty of people who, after devastating circumstances like fire, flood or earthquake, have very little and would gratefully receive practical assistance. Contact a local charity and see if your unwanted gift card could be someone else’s ray of sunshine.

Also, check with the issuer of the gift card if it has expired – maybe they’ll be willing to extend the use-by date if it’s going to a great cause.

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