We know the benefits of being Grateful in April and having an attitude of gratitude. We’ve decided to turn our attention to some other powerful thoughts for the month of August and hope you will join us.

Think about this… what do you say to yourself? Do you only give yourself positive encouragement? Or do you have negative self talk? Maybe someone else has filled your head with negative ideas about you and your capabilities.

It’s time to take charge and reprogram your unconscious mind with encouraging, positive ideas. That’s why we’ve created a stunning set of affirmation cards. Each beautiful card has a message to inspire and remind you of your potential.

Bring your intentions for the future firmly into your conscious mind and see how this helps you to build resilience and positivity in your life. Whether you choose a card each day or put them where you can see them all daily, they will remind you to focus on the positive.

Each day this month, we will feature different #AffirmationsInAugust on our Grateful in April Facebook page – you need to ensure you Like the page to be able to see them.

These cards are available for you to own from our charity store at www.madwoman.com.au – purchasing them, for yourself or as a gift, will help us support someone in need.

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