How can we declutter time for a good cause? We aren’t actually tripping over badly organised time, but we can spend a good deal of our precious time feeling guilty about clutter, procrastinating about cleaning up and looking for things we have misplaced in the mess.

Once you have decluttered then you need to commit to simple rules.

If you got it out, put it away. If you picked it up, then put it back, if you opened it, then shut it, if you finished it, replace it. If you no longer need it, move it on. It can be as easy as having habits like these.

If others are undermining your good efforts, then print this mantra out and pin it where they can see it. Reward good behaviour with praise.

Spend your new found leisure time giving back to your community or having a well earned rest.

Thanks for joining us to #DeclutterforaCause. It’s been an incredible journey for us at the m.a.d.woman foundation – many great causes have benefitted and we hope you got something amazing from it too!

To see what else we are up to, sign up for updates on upcoming events and opportunities to make a difference at (and we’d be incredibly grateful for donations there to support our important charity work too).

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