how to construct a pillow box

We just love mini pillow boxes for little gifts. We’ve used them as a little box for a wrapped chocolate, some sweets or a handful of confetti – they’re perfect for a small gift, bonbonniere or even decorating a table. 

There are two types of mini pillow boxes we use – some very limited edition premium metallic card boxes and some cute colourful ones made from coloured paper. 

Even though we’ve outlined several steps here, pillow boxes are super easy to make as you’ll see once you’ve made one. 


Place your unmade pillow box right side up (the wrong side has the ‘ridged’ fold line and should be facing down). 


Glue or use double sided tape along the flap that will fold over. Using glue is a little bit more fiddly but it’s cheaper and if left to dry properly seems to stick better. Any glue stick works, but we recommend using the best quality glue stick you can afford. Some glue goes on blue and dries clear – that’s really helpful to make sure you have an even coverage of glue. Make sure you glue right up to the edge of the flap to make sure your box doesn’t come apart in any areas.   


 Fold your pillow box in half along the score marks and, tucking the flap inside, line your halves together. Check they are lined up and then leave to dry. We sometimes use a wooden peg or a large paperclip to keep them closed during the drying process (especially boxes made of card) – you might like to put a piece of paper between them to avoid any marks on your finished box. 


 If you have the time, leave them overnight but most glue dries pretty quickly. The drier your glue, the less likely your box will come apart at the edges so try to resist the temptation to do the next steps until you are sure the glue is dry. 

Then it’s a simple as folding down the sides – we like to fold the side with the finger hole first. 

  It’s time to add your filling and then close the other side and you are done. If you are making a coloured coloured paper mini pillow box, you may find it can slightly pucker as you do this step – simply push any dents out from the inside with your finger. If it happens while adding a ribbon or tipping, gently squeeze and it will pop back into shape. 


You can leave your box as is, or do some decorating. Tie them with a ribbon, add a cute embellishment or top with a gorgeous paper flower and brighten someone’s life. 


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