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Category Archives: Random Acts of m.a.d.


Random acts of m.a.d. #30: Smile at others

You’ll look more attractive and flashing a smile can warm the coldest of hearts. Smile at everyone today and just see... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #29: Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

Pick up the phone, send an email or sms and better still, catch up in person with someone you’ve missed. #randomactsofmad... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #28: Talk to someone you haven’t met

Someone once said strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. Pick someone who looks friendly and say hello. Drop off... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #27: Help an elderly person cross the street

It’s easy to zip past a person stuggling to cross the street – what about slowing down for a minute or... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #26: Give a flower to someone

At the start of this month, we were inspired by two young boys who handed out flowers to strangers. Put a... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #25: Say "Good Morning" to a stranger

Start your day by giving a cheery greeting to a stranger. Add in a smile and it could kickstart an awesome... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #24: Take someone to the movies – your treat!

Going to the movies can be a really fun activity. Surprise someone by making the excursion your shout. #randomactsofmad #makingadifference Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #23: Let someone take your parking spot

It’s often super annoying when someone takes your parking spot – but it wouldn’t be if you were the one making... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #22: Leave a compliment on a complaints line for a product you like

It’s easy to complain – and turns out it’s just as easy to compliment. Call or email to leave some nice... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #21: Send a card to someone

Sending a card to someone is a beautiful way to show you care. Check out our gorgeous range of greetings cards... Continue Reading