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Monthly Archives: June 2012

m.a.d.woman CEO & Founder Melina Schamroth with Former All Black Marc Ellis

Determined to help put an end to homelessness!

Determined to help put an end to homelessness, m.a.d.woman Founder and CEO Melina Schamroth slept on the streets not once, but... Continue Reading

Businesspeople Applauding

Why now is the best time for networking

Busy? Well now is the time to get out there and seek new business… It’s easy to get caught up in... Continue Reading


Why we need a cool head and warm heart this winter

Wow the temperature has really dropped and to be honest, I’d rather stay at home with the heater on than head... Continue Reading


Could this be someone you know?

Last year, I heard first hand from a formerly successful businessman who’d made a couple of bad decisions. Fast forward six... Continue Reading


How giving up your bed can change lives

It deeply disturbs me that more than 105,000 people are sleeping outside tonight and every other winter night in Australia. That... Continue Reading


A very bad spell

What hope have we got when people aiming to lead from the very top set such bad examples? In case you... Continue Reading