Busy? Well now is the time to get out there and seek new business…

It’s easy to get caught up in your own little work bubble. I’ve learned that it’s when you are busiest that you should be getting out to network.

At your peaks, you should be building a pipeline (instead of leaving it till things are quiet) and making new contacts is a great way to do that.

I love it when you have an opportunity to combine elements in your events. I met some amazing people while doing the CEO Sleepout last Thursday and know I will have a chance to meet some more when I sleep on the streets of New Zealand this Thursday (p.s. Kiwi readers, it’s not to late to sponsor me!). The best thing about these events is the chance to meet people while doing something meaningful. It changes the whole tone of an event when you are all there for a common purpose.

For that very reason, I’m running some great women’s networking events, Gals Doin’ Good, for women in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide to meet while making a difference to some very disadvantaged people this winter at some special Christmas in July events. Not only do participants get to make new contacts, they get to spend an evening doing something worthwhile – and get to take home great goodie bags!  I’m sure I’m not alone in loving coming home with a bag full of treats in one hand and some qualified leads in the other.

An added bonus from attending events where you are meeting with like-minded people is the possibility of gaining new friendships. In my years of networking events – both attending and running my own – I’ve developed great relationships with some amazing people.

I’m looking forward to meeting with a some old friends and some great new people – will you be one of them? Hope to meet you there!


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