It deeply disturbs me that more than 105,000 people are sleeping outside tonight and every other winter night in Australia. That around 32,000 of those are children makes it harder to accept. In New Zealand, homelessness is also an issue.

I know it’s possible to change the situation in both countries and I’m literally putting my body on the line – twice in a week in two countries! – to prove it. From experience, I know each night will be freezing, uncomfortable and won’t involve any sleep. I also know that it is a very small sacrifice to make a big difference and change lives – I’m shamelessly asking for your help.

On Thursday 21 June, I’ll be sleeping outdoors to raise funds to help create change for some of Australia’s most vulnerable people. A week later, on Thursday 28 June, I’ll be doing it again in Auckland to help get Kiwis off the streets.

These will be my fifth and sixth sleepouts in three years and with the support of people such as you, my nights on the streets have already raised close to $20,000. Please help me raise even more this year.

As you switch on your heater, climb into your bed or jump into a hot shower, please spare a thought for those who can’t access what we often take for granted and sponsor me for the CEO Sleepout in Australia and/or the Big Sleepout in New Zealand.
I thank you for your support – as do some of our region’s most needy people.

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