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We run a wide range of special networking, fundraising and volunteer events to get people better connected with each other while doing good for their community and people in need.
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Live a m.a.d. life with our range of motivational m.a.d. merchandise and eco-products. Inspiring, positive and eye-catching, these items show how easy it is to make a difference each and every day.
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Social entrepreneur Melina Schamroth is in the business of making a difference. Founder of m.a.d.woman and author of two motivational books, Melina runs programs and events to connect people with each other and with their communities.
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team building

Are you searching for an easy and effective way of building team relationships that take your business to the next level? Here’s an opportunity for your team to build stronger relationships with each other, while making a positive difference to the community.
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m.a.d.woman is proud to have been awarded several times for our work including being the winner of the National 2011 Telstra Business Awards Yellow Pages Social Responsibility Award and more...

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Please help us to support people in need by making a donation to the m.a.d.woman foundation.

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Declutter for a Cause

Join us for Declutter for a Cause! Find it hard to part with your 'stuff'? What if it could #makeadifference to someone in need right now? Each day in July we will profile something on our Facebook page that could be donated - and ideas for where it could go.

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How to meet Sir Richard Branson in two weeks

m.a.d.woman Founder Melina Schamroth embarked on a highly ambitious goal – to meet and have a conversation with Sir Richard Branson.

She wanted to meet with Sir Richard to discuss social change. Read how she achieved her goal.

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m.a.d.woman encourages, inspires and enables people to make a positive difference in the environment, community and to the lives of those who need support.