We are again so, so proud of our m.a.d.woman Foundation m.a.d. kid ambassadors Maddy, 12, and Teegs, 10 (and a half!). 

For the second year in a row, they are aiming to provide 1000 (yep, ONE THOUSAND) pencil cases filled with school supplies for kids in Australia who are disadvantaged or in foster care. Last year they blitzed this total and we were able to distribute 1000 pencil cases thanks to their efforts – and they were even featured on the Channel 7 news! 

The grand plan was hatched last year after they donated $52 of their pocket money (saved over the whole year) to help us with our back-to-school project for kids in foster care. 

The girls had meetings, made spreadsheets, wrote sponsorship letters and have made a range of hair accessories to sell to reach their target and helped us launch their own fundraising campaign, Kids Helping Kids! 

Each pencil case is handsewn by our amazing volunteers. Your help is needed so they can be filled with brand new school supplies. 

It would be so appreciated if it you, or anyone you know, could take the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation (even their donation receipt message is super-cute!) and write them a message of encouragement.

Here’s a link to read their story in their own words where you can also DONATE. https://www.mycause.com.au/page/213639/kids-helping-kids

($10 will cover the cost of a pencil case going up a child in need. The girls love clicking refresh madly before and after school and are super excited every time they see that more pencil cases have been sponsored). 

The picture is of the girls delivering the completed pencil cases last year. So much joy – for them, their supporters and for every child helped! 

Please help spread the word about these two amazing, kind and absolutely inspirational young girls. The future is in great hands. 

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