So much yay for our incredible m.a.d. kid ambassadors Maddy, 11, and Teegs, 10, who achieved their goal of providing (more than) 1000 packs of school supplies with the m.a.d.woman Foundation Pencil Case Project!!

The inspiring Melbourne sisters set out to raise $10,000 for the project, making 1000 hair accessories to sell. While they didn’t quite make their monetary target, with some generous donations, they achieved their target of 1000 pencil cases (actually a few over!) filled with school supplies for disadvantaged kids.

They have spent months on this campaign – and were even on tv talking about it! https://twitter.com/7NewsMelbou…/status/1086896355447005184…

The packs have gone to Australian kids in foster care and facing challenging circumstances.

There are still some hair accessories to sell, and the money from those will be going towards our next project – 2500 Mother’s Day care packs for women fleeing domestic violence. We’ll put up some more sales posts.

This has been an incredible project. Thank you to every single person who contributed in some way. Extra special mention to Janet for sewing so many pencil cases, the girls’ Mum Eva for just so much help and support, Nicola for scrunchie magic, Glynis for hours of packing and sorting and so many others – we will have more thanks to come.

A million thanks for your incredible hard work, determination and friendship Maddy and Teegs! I adore you both – I know you are both going places! – and this has been one of my favourite projects.

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