The Jacqui Project – a tribute to the memory of a special member of the m.a.d.woman team

I am absolutely heartbroken and beyond devastated at the very recent passing of one of the most incredible members of the m.a.d.woman team – my former employee, volunteer and, most of all, dear friend Jacqui Revell.

Jacqui began working with me at the beginning of the m.a.d.woman journey more than 15 years ago and remained part of it for the rest of her life.

Anyone who has attended a m.a.d.woman event over the years is likely to have come in contact with Jacqui. She was a beautiful, loyal and kind woman who gave so much of herself.

She became a constant volunteer for so very many m.a.d.woman foundation events and we travelled all over Australia doing fundraising events and having amazing adventures and antics while working hard to make a difference.

I am dealing with this devastation in the only way I know how – doing as much as I can to support others facing challenges.

In Jacqui’s memory, I am embarking on The Jacqui Project – doing at least 10,000 acts of kindness as a tribute to her amazing legacy with m.a.d.woman. I have already begun with donations this week of more than 70 developmental hearts for premature babies in the NICU and have several other projects underway.

If anyone wants to contribute to The Jacqui Project, you can select any option on our pay it forward page and kindness will be performed in her name.

I have so many special memories – as do other members of the m.a.d.woman team. Nothing can prepare you for losing someone you care about, no matter how much you know the day will come. 

Jacqui helped me make a difference to so many people while also making a huge difference to my life too. #vale Jacqui – gone way too soon. We loved you very much xo.

Best wishes

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