We are so incredibly grateful to each and every person who has contributed to the m.a.d.woman Foundation this year. Glynis Smalley has made such an incredible contribution this year and we would love to recognise her amazing work.

Throughout the year Glynis has sorted and packed thousands and thousands of donations that have gone out to a huge number of Australians in need.

Our projects this year have included care packs for women and kids fleeing domestic violence, children in foster care, adults and kids in hospitals, asylum seekers, people who are homeless, elderly citizens and others facing challenges. Glynis has been there at every step.

In addition she has cut, pinned and pressed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds more items that have been gifted to people we support or for selling through the m.a.d.woman social enterprise to raise much needed funds.

There’s also been a number of occasions she has turned up with ‘just a few things’ she has bought to include in care packs.

From a charity perspective, Glynis has had a huge impact.

From a personal perspective, Glynis has been an incredible support to me, helping me smash through projects, giving advice and pushing me to achieve even more for my charity than I predicted this year. With her help, I’ve managed to personally sew several thousand items by myself this year – something I would never have thought possible at the beginning of the year.

Thank you Glynis – I am truly thankful.

With so much gratitude, Melina (Founder and CEO).

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