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I’m grateful for all the negative experiences in my life. Yes, I know that sounds weird but I come from a traditional family where academic excellence equates to life fulfilment.

Unfortunately for me the traditional path never worked out and I use to be very upset about it. But through each setback I grew stronger and wiser from the experience and now I’ve never been happier.

I get to inspire and motivate cool young people all around the world to believe in themselves so they too can turn their dreams into reality. I’m so grateful for the gift of negativity.

My tip
Every experience in life can be viewed as a blessing or a curse. The definition you pick depends on your desire to learn and grow stronger from the moments where things go wrong. When I find myself in such times of crisis I ask myself two questions:

1) “What can I learn from this that will move me closer to my goals?” and
2) “Do I want to be a victim of circumstance or a victor of opportunity?”

We’re only human but I promise if you fire these questions off, you will soar to a higher altitude with your attitude of gratitude.


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