Love. Passion. Compassion. Determination. Gratitude. These are just five of the words that inspire the m.a.d.woman and Grateful in April journey every day. 

We believe so strongly that it’s possible for every single person to make a positive difference to our world and its inhabitants and have worked hard to be creative and innovative in showing others ways to do that. Our ‘words’ have helped create our own ‘guidebook’. 

When you think about your life, what words appear for you? How would you describe yourself in a job interview? How would friends or family describe you? 

Today’s challenge is to find the words that resonate within you. What is it that drives you? What are you passionate about? Now put those words where you can see them, on the fridge, in your gratitude journal, on your computer… wherever works for you. 

Choose positive words that can guide, motivate and inspire you to be the best person you can be. There are no limits on the number of words you can choose or the number of times you can change them. 

They are your words. Use them wisely. 


Melina Schamroth 
Founder and CEO 
Founder of Grateful in Apriland them.a.d.woman foundation 

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