When we think of gratitude, it is usually a feeling we have in response to something. Noticing the people, situations and things you have often creates a thought of: “I am grateful for…”. 

Today we’re suggesting adding a new component – generating feelings like compassion and kindness. 

These are best practiced by doing something, so the challenge today is to sprinkle around some kindness. Why? Because when you perform an act of kindness EVERYONE feels great – including people who witnessed the kindness or even heard about it! 

If you are unsure where to start, then offering support to a family member, friend, neighbour or even a stranger doing it tough are great first steps. 

Some people enjoy surprising people with acts of kindness like paying for groceries for the next person in line at a supermarket, sending a card or gift or leaving a care pack at the front door of a neighbour or friend. 

Whatever your acts of kindness are, the person deriving the most immediate benefit is you. Your stress levels go down, serotonin levels go up and your immunity is boosted. According to science, the effects last for months too. 

You never know what good you might start with an act of kindness today. 



Melina Schamroth 
Founder and CEO 
Founder of Grateful in Apriland them.a.d.woman foundation 

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