Day 4: Grateful for a touching reminder

In your busy life do you forget things? 

Some things are easy habits to maintain – like brushing our teeth – but while making new habits, we often need reminding of them. 

For some people, tactile reminders can really help cement their actions. 

Carrying some sort of touch stone or trinket with you that reminds you of your commitment to an attitude of gratitude can really help. 

You might choose a crystal, a pebble from the garden or a shell, coin or another object that is meaningful to you in some way. Maybe you will respond to a note or photo in your wallet – or even a band or thread around your wrist. 

What you carry doesn’t matter – it’s the intention that does. Aim to find something you can carry in your bag, pocket or on your body where you will encounter it several times a day to remind you of all the things you are grateful for. 

If you find yourself having a hard time maintaining your attitude of gratitude, you can always get your touchstone out and remind yourself of the bigger picture and what really matters to you. 

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