Did you know… Gratitude can improve your health

Before you can go forward, you might have to let go of the stuff that drags you down. Today is all about moving on and letting go. 

Everyone has a person or situation that they carry around with them that makes them feel sad, angry or maybe hurt. You may not ever get resolution, so are you going to hang on to that forever? Or would you like to leave it right here? 

You can be right or happy, but sometimes not both. It is up to you. 

Your challenge today is to find something – anything – positive about a situation that bugs you. No matter how small a detail you need to start with, you need to begin somewhere (even if it is tiny). 

In some situations there might never have been any good interactions, or the person who has caused you pain may be someone you never knew before an incident. This exercise should not replace therapy, but maybe you can find one thing that is positive. 

Once you have mastered that, try to focus on some good that has come of it. Are you stronger? Wiser? More compassionate? Have you been able to help someone else because you related to their experience? 

While it may not be immediately obvious, sometimes some good can come from a bad experience and it can lead to being able to really let go. 

Forgiveness is not something that you do for someone else, but for yourself. 

Today it’s all about letting go and being grateful for the power of forgiveness. 

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