Cross To Do off your list today. 

Yep, today is all about writing a list called ‘Things done’. 

We often spend so much time noticing what still needs to be done, that we forget to focus on our achievements and those of the people around us. 

We’re quick to cross things off and move to the next item needing attention. We forget about the fanfare as a deadline is met, a chore completed or an expectation exceeded. 

Find a way to celebrate your achievements today and then spread the love to the people around you by telling them how well they are doing. A heartfelt compliment on a job well done makes everyone feel good. 

What are you proudest of? Maybe it’s what you do to help others. For many people, the more they give to others, the better they feel about themselves.  Make helping others a habit you are willing to indulge as often as possible.  

Melina Schamroth 
Founder and CEO 
Founder of Grateful in Apriland them.a.d.woman foundation 

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