It happens. Whether you are in the middle of Grateful in April or not. 

There you are, out there being grateful and happy for everything and then along comes something you just can’t reconcile with a feeling of gratitude. How could you be grateful for something sad or bad? 

One of the hardest and most valuable lessons we will learn in life, is how to find the one thing in adversity that turns it from a horrible experience outside of our control to having some value in our lives. 

Often we are so overwhelmed by the feeling of ‘it’ happening to us, that we have no space to consider how we feel and how we would like to react. 

In time we are often able to reflect on the situation in a more balanced way and sometimes even surprise ourselves by finding that we are grateful for the strength, compassion or understanding that we have gained from the experience. 

Think about it, this has probably happened many times in your life and now, more than ever, you just need to learn how to refocus to find the good. 

Forgive yourself if you are unable to experience gratitude right now. Allow yourself to move on. 

Know that perhaps later you may see a situation in a whole new light when the time is right. 

Melina Schamroth 
Founder and CEO 
Founder of Grateful in Apriland them.a.d.woman foundation 

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