Stop and smell the roses – it maybe a cliché, but research has shown that taking time to appreciate little things can have a powerfully positive effect with your overall sense of satisfaction with life. 

People who experience the wonder and awe associated with nature report higher levels of happiness in their lives. And roses just smell good. 

It’s not just the whiff of flowers that can enhance our mood – aromatherapists have long espoused the benefits of tapping into our olfactory systems. Burning scented candles, infusing pure oils or even the smell of fresh baking can enhance our feelings of wellbeing. 

Maybe it is time to put together a personal ‘playlist’ of smells that make you feel good so you can lift your mood at any time. 

Being in heavily oxygenated environments feels great, so if possible, take a moment in a garden or if circumstances allow, go for a walk in nature, take a big breath and feel the goodness… it’s free and energising. 

Today we are grateful for all the smell things. Yep, this is the stuff that is okay to inhale. 

Melina Schamroth 
Founder and CEO 
Founder of Grateful in Apriland them.a.d.woman foundation 

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