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Category Archives: Random Acts of m.a.d.


Random acts of m.a.d. #20: Pick up litter

Litter can harm animals, is unsightly and we could all do something simple to rid our environment of it. #randomactsofmad #makingadifference Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #19: Leave a positive comment on a website or blog

Head off to a site you like and just write something nice. It’s really nice to receive positive comments for no... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #18: Leave a generous tip

When a person gives you great service, a tip is a nice reward. What if you surprised someone with an extra... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #17: Leave a colouring book and coloured pencils in a hospital waiting room

Spening hours in a hospital waiting room is stressful. Studies have shown colouring in can be calming for adults (not to... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #16: Hold the door open for someone

Here’s something that could take a mere few seconds to put into action – yep, opening a door for someone is... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #15: Give an unexpected gift

Make someone’s day with an unexpected gift. No more explanation needed! #randomactsofmad #makingadifference Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #14: Drop off public transport tickets to a shelter

Help someone to get around a little easier by donating tickets and passes for public transport. It could make the difference... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #13: Write a thank you note

It’s really nice receiving handwritten notes and not many people send them these days. Stand out from the crowd with pen,... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #12: Buy parking passes for parents of children in hospital

A really lovely gesture would be to buy parking passes for families with parents of children in hospital and leave them... Continue Reading


Random acts of m.a.d. #11: Buy one new thing and donate it unused

You don’t need to wait till the festive season to donated a gift to someone doing it tough. If you are... Continue Reading