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Category Archives: Action in August

day12 wardrobe.fw

Action in August – Day 12: Blitz your wardrobe

If your butt looks too big or your shirt looks too small, give someone else a chance for a perfect fit.... Continue Reading

day11 charity.fw

Action in August – Day 11: Collect money for charity

Give up a day each year to collect money for charity – they can never have too many helping hands! Big... Continue Reading

day10 stand.fw

Action in August – Day 10: Take a stand

Take a stand against socially and environmentally unfriendly business practices like sweatshop labour and excess packaging. Let your feet do the... Continue Reading

day9 car.fw

Action in August – Day 9: Leave the car at home

Clock up kilometres – not costs! Leave the car at home for the day and cycle to your destination. Scooters, skateboards... Continue Reading

day7 water.fw

Action in August – Day 7: Every Drop Counts!

With water shortages everywhere, every drop counts. Dripping taps not only waste a precious resource, but money too! Replacing the washer... Continue Reading

day6 bags.fw

Action in August – Day 6: Reusable Bags

Simple actions like taking your own reusable bags to the supermarket, buying biodegradable products, recycling and composting effectively all help to... Continue Reading

day5 walk.fw

Action in August – Day 5: Fundraising Walks

Haul yourself out of bed on a weekend to take part in a fundraising walk – sacrifice the coffee you would... Continue Reading

day4 smile.fw

Action in August – Day 4: Smile!

Fake it till you make it if you need to – smiling is one area where faking it is totally acceptable.... Continue Reading

day3 chat.fw

Action in August – Day 3: Like a good chat?

Like a good chat? Volunteer to answer phones for charities such as Lifeline or other helpful hotlines. Sometimes people just need... Continue Reading

day2 cleaning.fw

Action in August – Day 2: Cleaning Products

Select cleaning products that are biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. It’s amazing what cleaning power common household items like baking... Continue Reading