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day8 community.fw

Action in August – Day 8: Sense of Community

Introduce yourself to your neighbours, organise a social event such as a barbeque, picnic or street party to reignite a sense... Continue Reading

day31 audit.fw

Action in August – Day 31: Do a power audit

Do your own power audit. Turn off all of your appliances and test each one separately to see what makes your... Continue Reading

day30 car pool.fw

Action in August – Day 30: Jump into a car pool

Jump into a car pool! Get talking at work to find out who lives ear you and suggest a car pool... Continue Reading

day29 veg.fw

Action in August – Day 29: Start a vegetable garden

Start your own vegetable and herb garden. Avoid harmful pesticides by knowing exactly what has been used in your garden. Don’t... Continue Reading

day28 green.fw

Action in August – Day 28: Switch to green energy

Switch to green energy derived from renewable sources. Creating a greater demand will encourage investment, research and innovation in the development... Continue Reading

day27 carbon.fw

Action in August – Day 27: Calculate your environmental footprint

Calculate your environmental footprint at and then work on reducing it – at home, in the office and when you... Continue Reading

day26 mad.fw

Action in August – Day 26: Pay it forward

Do one thing each day that makes a positive difference to someone’s life. This can be as simple as opening a... Continue Reading

day25 second hand.fw

Action in August – Day 25: Shop second-hand

Fashion yourself a wardrobe from second-hand stores. Not only can you save quality fabric from the scrap heap, but for a... Continue Reading

day24 thanks.fw

Action in August – Day 24: Say thank you

Take the time to write letters to friends, family members and other people who inspire you, telling them how much they... Continue Reading

day23 elderly.fw

Action in August – Day 23: Help the elderly

Spend a couple of hours helping an elderly person. You could mow lawns, put out their rubbish or shop for them.... Continue Reading