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day22 comm project.fw

Action in August – Day 22: Community project

Get your mates together on a weekend to help with a community project. Talk to your Council about painting a fence... Continue Reading

day21 read.fw

Action in August – Day 21: Volunteer to read

If you like the sound of your own voice, then offer your services to literacy programs. Volunteer to read to elderly... Continue Reading

day20 knit.fw

Action in August – Day 20: Get on your hobby horse

Get on your hobby horse. Knit a scarf, jumper, booties or bonnets, sew up a storm or get busy with hammer... Continue Reading

day19 blood.fw

Action in August – Day 19: Donate blood

You don’t have to bleed yourself dry for charity, but when it comes to giving blood, every drop helps. Donating blood... Continue Reading

day18 stamps.fw

Action in August – Day 18: Save your stamps

Before you discard used stamps, check to see if you can donate them to a charity. Some charities and organisations use... Continue Reading

day17 volunteer.fw

Action in August – Day 17: Volunteer your skills

Search the Net to find community food halls, city missions or soup kitchens in your city that provide meals to homeless... Continue Reading

day16 corks.fw

Action in August – Day 16: Save your corks

Whether drowning your sorrows, having a liquid lunch or a night on the turps, be a responsible drinker and save your... Continue Reading

day15 trade.fw

Action in August – Day 15: Trade!

Host a party where everybody brings clothes, accessories, books or household items they no longer need and spend the afternoon trading... Continue Reading

Day14 printer.fw

Action in August – Day 14: Printer Settings

Adjust your printer settings to print in grey scale, using draft settings. Always preview before printing and move margins to make... Continue Reading

day13 cans.fw

Action in August – Day 13: Add an extra can

Add an extra can to your trolley each time you shop for donating to a food drive, local charity or community... Continue Reading