Our gift collection tops tens of thousands!

WOW! Our collection of gifts for 2500 women fleeing domestic violence is growing to the tens of thousands of items! It’s incredible!

Now we need some extra help – to fund the freight of our packs. It costs around $25 to send a box for 20-25 women. We’ve had an amazing offer from an anonymous donor to match up to $1000, so we need 40 people to each fund a $25 box (you get a tax deductible donation!) to take advantage of that.

You can turn your donation of $25 into $50! (And help up to 50’women by doing that!) https://www.mycause.com.au/payment/charity/2645

Please help spread the word too in the hope that we can find kind people to help us get this project funded in time! Thank you!

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