the good we dov8 “m.a.d.woman encourages, inspires and enables people to make a positive difference in the environment, community and to the lives of those who need support.”

m.a.d.woman, a multi award-winning social enterprise, was founded in 2007 with a vision to encourage, engage and inspire people to make a difference to their communities, environment and people in need. In 2013 we were granted full charity status to run the m.a.d.woman foundation to enable us to help many more people.

The m.a.d.woman foundation helps support Australia’s most vulnerable and needy people.
We provide opportunities for people to connect with each other and their communities while making a difference. We address issues such as social inclusion while creating tangible outcomes that positively impact society and the environment.

In seven years, m.a.d.woman has been joined by around 7500 people to help more than 300,000 people facing social, physical, mental or financial disadvantage.

Our programs and projects support people experiencing a wide range of issues. These include women and children fleeing domestic violence, homeless youth and adults, asylum seekers, disabled and disadvantaged youth, long-term unemployed and people facing illness and more.

We’ve also helped create tens of thousands of meals for hungry and homeless and aided thousands and thousands of others including Black Saturday, Earthquake and flood survivors.

We provide care packs to people facing social disadvantage, financial constraints or lack of access. These may include clothing, personal items and other gifts.

Through innovative and creative offerings, m.a.d.woman provides a ‘social conscience’ for people while they take part in traditional activities such as team building, networking and even dating. Many activities include rescued, recycled and recyclable materials to help resolve common social and environmental issues.