Social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author Melina Schamroth is in the business of making a difference.

Melina is the Founder of m.a.d.woman (making a difference) and the m.a.d.woman foundation. She is also the creator of the unique Single Volunteers dating program, Grateful in April and Gals Doin’ Good networking events.

Running programs and events to connect people with each other and with their communities, Melina’s programs and projects have seen well over 7000 people help more than 300,000 others in need.

Melina was named The CEO Magazine 2013 Executive of the Year for Community Achievement and also named one of the 40 Most Inspiring Women over 40 in Australia for 2013 by Prevention Magazine.

m.a.d.woman is the winner of the National 2011 Telstra Business Awards – Yellow Pages Social Responsibility Award (as well as the Victorian State winner).

Melina was co-named 2009 RMIT Communicator of the Year with acclaimed human rights activist The Hon. Michael Kirby.

She was also winner of a 2013 CALI award, finalist in the 2009 Premier’s Community Volunteering Leadership Awards, a Finalist in the 2010 and 2008 BrainLink Women of Achievements Awards.

m.a.d.woman was also Highly Commended in the 2009 Anthill Cool Company Awards and Finalist in the 2010 Yarra Sustainable Business Awards.

Be it bushfire relief, helping the hungry and homeless or supporting neglected animals, Melina is continually finding innovative ways to motivate and engage people.

m.a.d.woman achievements include cooking more than 80,000 meals for hungry and homeless Australians. Other projects have aided thousands of people – Black Saturday bushfire victims, disabled and disadvantaged youth, long-term unemployed and more.

Melina’s unique corporate team building events also make a difference. From small groups to large teams, m.a.d.woman events unite participants – all while producing tangible outcomes for projects in need.

With no advertising budget, Melina has built the m.a.d.woman brand, attracting significant media coverage including regular television, radio, newspaper and magazine slots.

Prior to starting m.a.d.woman, Melina spent 18 years working in journalism, communication, marketing and PR roles for a variety of global companies and leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand. These include top 100 companies, Government, not for profit groups, private companies and emerging businesses.

Melina studied Philanthropy and Social Investment at Swinburne University in addition to extensive pro bono work for not for profit organisations in Australasia.

Melina’s books – How to be m.a.d. (making a difference) and m.a.d. (making a difference) in a green way – provide people with clever, practical and creative ways they can contribute to their communities, help others and reduce their environmental impact.

She has recently launched the m.a.d. shop selling a new social enterprise product range.

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