I’m doing this blog post at what many people would describe in frustration as ‘the last minute’. I’m using the last possible moment available to get it finished.

Is it because I am lazy? No. Unmotivated? No. Super-duper busy. Yep.

I actually purposely left it till the eleventh hour – I needed the rest of the week to tackle other tasks for my business m.a.d.woman that (genuinely) needed finishing earlier.

I’m one of those people who is busy jamming several lifetimes into one. I’m always cramming in one more activity, meeting one more deadline and choosing ‘both thanks’, not either – although I try not to where cake is concerned.

The characteristics of my family members (on both sides) have convinced me this is something beyond my control. It’s part of my genetic imprint.

“You can sleep in your next life,” my 76-year-old globetrotting father always says.

There’s that saying, some people make things happen, some people watch things happen and some people wonder what happened.

When you live firmly into a life of making things happen, it means you are very often using every minute available to you to fit everything in to your life.

So rather than beat myself up about doing this at the last minute, I’d rather look at it from the perspective that I am doing it at the ‘right’ minute. It’s not quite due, so no matter how late I started, I’m still on time.

Are you someone who gets things done early, late or just in time?

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