Flowers? Chocolates? A day of pampering? Not on my birthday wish list today… Nope, this year, I’ve decided that for my birthday, I’m doing the giving.

During my Grateful in April campaign last month, I really loved the feeling of regularly giving to others. I felt happy, invigorated and had a renewed sense of meaning.

As a pleasing side effect, the benefits of feeling so good also translated into some great business opportunities.

So when it came to thinking about how to celebrate my birthday, I decided to find a way to help others who may have less to celebrate and organised ‘A Night of Doing Good’ for Wednesday.

What I love is that I get to help others while being joined by a bunch of people who get to meet while “doing good”. People we’ve never met will receive unexpected donations, new friendships will form and possibly even new work opportunities.

Who knows what the ripple effect will be? Whatever the case, for me, this will be the birthday with the gift that keeps on giving.


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