Where do you get inspiration from?

Over the course of running my Grateful in April campaign, I’ve been inspired (and humbled) daily by the thoughts, expressions and honesty of the people taking part.

People are unbelievably grateful for everyday things that most of us take for granted.

How often are you thankful for the legs and feet that carry you around? For being able to access clean drinking water and fresh food? Being able to operate your business in a country that enforces transparency? For your own health and wellbeing – and that of your family and friends?

Being born minus a few body parts hasn’t done anything to stop Don Elgin in his tracks. Quite the opposite. The guy is a Paralympian medallist (representing Australia at three Paralympics), a business owner and a motivational speaker who has inspired many – me included. Take a listen to what Don Elgin is grateful for.

Another woman has moved me with her extremely positive tweets throughout the campaign – today one revealed she is battling to overcome cancer. She’s not the only one who is on a rampage of expressing gratitude while working to stay well.

These sorts of messages really put into perspective what is important in life. In my mind it’s to mindfully ‘live’ each day.

I’m finding that when you take on the practice of noticing what’s good in your life, many of the things that might have previously bothered you just become irrelevant.

It’s a lot easier to run a business with that mindset.

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