About 2000 disadvantaged children and their families will have something to smile about this Christmas thanks to the efforts of a team from Kraft Foods Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) today.

Around 100 Kraft Foods Australian employees dedicated this morning to a m.a.d.woman event making hundreds of Christmas crackers, handmade decorations, care kits and more for people supported by Foodbank Australia.

m.a.d.woman CEO Melina Schamroth said Kraft Foods ANZ was setting a great example to other businesses by showing how socially responsible team building activities could positively contribute to the community.

“Not only do these employees get a chance to build stronger bonds with each other, but they have an added bonus of connecting with their community by giving their time to give back to others,” Melina said.

“Research shows that businesses investing in their communities have more engaged staff. Studies show higher retention rates for organisations with a strong sense of social responsibility.”

The team took part in the activity as part of a global initiative this week that will see nearly 30,000 employees in 60 countries giving their time to show their commitment to making a difference in unique ways.

If you would like to get your team involved in a socially responsible team building event, please contact m.a.d.woman.

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