So for 2012, it’s quarter time. The first three months are done and it’s time to assess where things are at.

Of course for most businesses, it means there’s only one quarter left in the financial year.

As seasons change and lurgies fly around workplaces everywhere, for some it’s hard to maintain motivation.

For others it’s a time to push the pedal down hard and race to the line.

Now is a great time to take stock of where you are at, recognise your previous achievements and set goals for the next 100 days.

And while you’re at it, you might like to schedule in a break – give yourself something to look forward to.

If anything is off track, now is a good time to analyse why. Ask yourself the hard questions – should you continue with something that’s not working or could it be time to make a clean break?

Wherever you are at, remember each day brings with it new opportunities. Make the most of them and work towards having something to celebrate at the end of the next quarter.

Today, I’m looking at a calendar that is filling fast with speaking engagements and events, I’m thrilled at the success of my Grateful In April campaign and I’m in full on planning mode – for a holiday!

What does the next quarter bring for you?

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