m.a.d.woman CEO and Founder Melina Schamroth slept outside this month to raise more than $13,000 to break the cycle of homelessness.

With only a sheet of cardboard on concrete and a thin sleeping bag, Melina didn’t get any sleep and said it was worth every bit of discomfort.

Held at Etihad Stadium, it was the first time the event has been held in Melbourne.

Melina said the experience really highlighted things people often take for granted – hot food, warm showers and comfortable beds.

An amazing anonymous donation of $10,000 from a m.a.d.woman supporter meant Melina was the third-highest fundraising CEO in Melbourne.

Statistics show there are around 105,000 Australians who are homeless – about 34,000 of these are children.

We’ll be doing many more activities to support these vulnerable Australians.


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