Ever had your car, house or store broken into?

I’ve recently had the online equivalent. I’ve had someone break into my website causing my email to be disabled and disrupting things for a couple of days and I’m finding myself hacked off by hackers.

And for what end? A cheap thrill? A test run of hacking prowess? Something more sinister?

Having your virtual place of work hacked into can leave you feeling as violated as a ‘real world’ break-in.

It can also create a sense of anxiety that something has been stolen, altered or used that you haven’t yet discovered. This is a lingering tension on top of the frustration of not being able to use email (which, as we all know is the lifeblood of modern communication!).

It’s really hard to find the motivation for such a senseless and frustrating act that has complete disregard for its victims.

Not that there are any good targets, but I find it even more difficult to swallow when my website and stories it features are dedicated to doing good in the world and helping people who could use support.

I would like to be able to offer some timely advice to protect against these cyber crims, but I had taken all of the standard precautions.

All I can do is to try and tip the scales of the world in favour of the good and positive, and hope that the rest of the cyber world does the same…

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