Did you set out to achieve some key goals in your business this year?

Maybe you set some aims at the beginning of the financial year or maybe at the beginning of this year.

Whatever the case, the end of the Australian financial year is looming. How are you tracking to your targets?

As June 30 approaches, so does colder weather, shorter days and for many people, bouts or various lurgies.

So how do you stay motivated – or regain it if it’s already in hibernation?

Now is a good time to reassess your goals and if necessary set new ones.  Firstly, do a ‘stocktake’ of all that you have achieved and celebrate those wins. Often a sense of achievement can kickstart a new level of enthusiasm.

What’s left over? Go through each target and ask yourself if each one is still relevant – and realistically achievable.

Often goals are based on guestimates of what we’d like to occur. Plucking a number from thin air can give you something to strive for but is it worth beating yourself up if all best efforts mean you didn’t achieve it?

For those you have left on your To Do list, break them into bite size chunks, schedule them for the next six weeks and find last burst of energy to get you to the line.

By clearing away anything that is no longer applicable, you just might hit your marks!


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