Whether you wear bras or not, please read this post! For those whose life does not involved bras, we’ve provided some alternatives so you can continue your decluttering without a hitch. Skip forward a few paragraphs and we’ll give you something else to tackle.

For the rest of us, it’s time to assess your lingerie. A quick way to start is by seeing if the elastic has deteriorated. If so, it’s no use to you anymore. Try the remaining bras on.

Does each one fit properly? Really? If they are still in good condition but you are squeezing out the sides, it’s time you updated your delicates and passed your bras to some of the many women who could use the support.

Checkout the Uplift Project that distributes your unwanted undergarments to women who will really appreciate them – this can include maternity or mastectomy bras and swimwear.

If you are without bras, then search the house for old sunglasses or reading glasses – these are of use to many international charities.

No glasses? Head to your sock drawer and clean that out. New, unused socks can go to homeless shelters.

Bonus tip: Torn pantihose can be used tie plants to garden stakes, old socks are great for cleaning shoes, and for those with kids in their lives, clean odd socks can be given new life as a sock puppet.

How’s that for an uplifting day of clearing clutter?

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