Clearing out a closet and helping others is a ‘well suited’ match. Here’s another example…

While this post won’t be for everyone, today we’re looking for business wear that is no, well, longer being worn. This might apply to your wardrobe or someone else’s – either way, it’s time for an honest assessment.

Ill-fitting business attire will not help most people’s career paths. Why keep an outfit that doesn’t look good? Is it the original cost that stops you letting garments go? One day you ‘might’ wear them again?

There are so many charitable groups that could be matching your clothes with a helpful home. We love the programs that help long-term unemployed people get back to work by giving them, among other support, a wardrobe of professional work-ready outfits that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Search for the likes of Dress for Success, Fitted for Work or Wear for Success.

They can take your suits, shirts and suit bags as well as appropriate accessories (think ties, belts and scarves) and give someone the start they need. A quick internet search will give you options in your city or state.

Think about it – you’ll refine your wardrobe and help someone doing it tough to enhance theirs. You can help other people dress for success and transition into the workforce. One day they may be able to pay it forward too. See what you’ve started right there?

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