Whether you are a dedicated foodie or barely set foot in the kitchen, we could almost put money on you having at least one cookbook that you never use.

Maybe it has nice pictures and you were thinking of making a dish from it one day… or it was given to you when you set up your first home. Or it was passed through the family.

Well what if someone else could be cooking from it now? While you might have access to the Internet to find recipes on demand, not everybody does.

Reclaim your shelves and pass your unwanted cookbooks on to charity shops, refuges, refugee centres and free libraries so that they might actually get used.

Help others while giving yourself some shelf space – now that’s a recipe for success!

#Declutter #DeclutterforaCause #makeadifference

P.S. We’d love to see what cookbooks you are parting with – post a pic here.

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