The kitchen might seem daunting, so many surfaces covered in “stuff” or drawers filled to the brim with utensils.

Take a long hard look at your collection of plates, glasses, mugs, cutlery, pots and pans, bowls and all those nifty Masterchef-inspired utensils in the second drawer down that you never use.

Then spare a thought for all of the people who have lost everything or had to leave everything behind them and start again. Examples include people who have survived disasters such as bushfires and floods, women and children fleeing domestic violence, refugees and others struggling as they relocate to emergency, temporary or new housing.

Do you really need everything in your kitchen? We didn’t think so. Divide all the items at hand into piles to either keep, donate, upcycle or ditch (rusty and scratched pans are no use to anyone).

Women’s refuges, refugee centres and charities that help families in need can often redistribute your unwanted items and give them new homes. Even your local op shop will take most kitchen utensils – although check with them about electrical items. You’ll help others and free up valuable kitchen real estate.


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