When it’s cold outside, it can seem like a crazy time to get rid of warm and comforting blankets and quilts. It’s actually the perfect time.

There are people who desperately need them! In Australia alone, there are 105,000 people sleeping rough! In addition there are countless women and children fleeing domestic violence who have left everything behind, likewise for people in refugee shelters.

Round up all your warm coverings and make a pile of them so you can honestly assess your own needs.

You may find yourself challenged by objections. You know, you might have a flood of overnight guests at once. Why get rid of it when it’s in really good condition? You, or someone you love, knitted/sewed it (okay, that’s a tougher one to work through).

Just ask yourself this – could someone else (who is vulnerable and freezing at night) immediately benefit from this more than me? That might make it a bit easier to part with them.

Many charities such as refugee centres, homeless shelters and women’s shelters gratefully receive clean blankets and some will even pick them up from you. Check with friends and neighbours – if they can spare some too, you can supersize a pick up or drop off.

Oh, and for older, slightly tatty blankets and quilts, check with a local animal shelter – they can often use them.

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P.S. Remember to post before and after pics and tips here – during July we’ll be rewarding some of our favourites with some gorgeous, small, ‘uncluttery’ gifts

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