We’ve already tackled bikes, so now it’s time to work out the rest of your workout gear.

Is it lurking in the cupboard under the stairs? Or hiding in the garage? Maybe there is some under the bed or in the bottom of the wardrobe. Wherever it’s hiding, it is time to declutter your old sporting and exercise equipment.

If you didn’t use it within the last three years, then you are unlikely to use it again. Homes and sheds are filled with sporting equipment we had as kids – or in some cases were hobbies of your own kids – and let’s be honest, it has never been used since.

Let go of the guilt of not using it and pass it on to someone who will. Charities like FairGame and Boots for All collect sporting equipment to distribute in the community.

This equipment is used to ensure access for those who would otherwise miss out on the benefits of team sports and healthy exercise and can mean the world to someone trying to learn a new skill or embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Round up any gym equipment you never use and move it on. You’ll get a workout getting it all down to your local Op Shop – just make sure you bend your knees lifting those heavy pieces.

Meanwhile you can stop tripping over equipment and take a look at all that space you just created. It pays to be a good sport.

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